Volvero – Fewer Vehicles For Everybody

Italy, United States (US)

Volvero is a drive sharing app, where owners can share their vehicles with the drivers. Our app creates a system in which one can have a car, a motorcycle, or commercial vehicle in a most efficient and sustainable way saving time and money. By registering on our platform owners can set the sharing time, distance, price, and other terms, being able to accept any drivers’ request. At the same time, drivers are able to choose any vehicle and terms of sharing that best suit their needs. With the help of AI and advanced technologies, Volvero guarantees maximum security and transparency providing necessary information such as the performance of owners, drivers, and vehicles

Speaking of ecological impact, the manufacturing process of a vehicle requires a lot of resources, such as water, oil, and energy. With Volvero, the demand for new vehicles plunges, entailing huge savings in natural assets. Usage of Volvero reduces the demand for new vehicles for up to 20% and more than 1 out of 5 owners get rid of his/her car.

Volvero embeds an economic factor into the ownership model that impacts the use of privately-owned vehicles by reducing their usage. Driving their own vehicles indeed prevent owners from making money, as the vehicles are not available for others if used by owners. Therefore, owners are prone to use alternative ways of transport such as bicycles, public transport, etc.

Volvero improves also communities by addressing a range of social issues such as inequality, lack of security, driving behavior, obstacles to access to transportation. Our app reduces inequality between social layers providing the possibility of mobility to those who do not own a vehicle, eliminating the concept of being underprivileged if not owning one. Likewise, women and young people that feel threatened and in the absence of transportation alternatives, give up and stay at home, can now socialize, access healthcare, educational establishments, cultural sites which all contribute to the wellbeing of the society. We promote inclusivity and are closing the social gap. Moreover, owners of the vehicles, including local SMEs are optimizing their vehicles’ costs and business model that leads to the economic upturn. Finally, Volvero aims at enhancing security on the roads by using data analytics that improves driving behavior to reduce the number of cases of misbehavior on the road.

Volvero is a game-changer of the market thanks to the technology innovation leaps. We are the first startup that leverages advanced technologies matched with a vehicle-sharing service. We offer a one-of-a-kind insurance policy that covers various types of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, vans, etc.) of private and commercial owners while using technology for data analytics of drivers’ behaviors, based on data produced by the sensors of the mobile phones of users while driving. Data and scores are stored in a secure blockchain-backed environment. This allows for improved data transparency, reliability, and maximum security.

What would you do with proceeds from the GreenFunder community?

Under our mission of revolutionizing mobility, we aim at making it more sustainable by reducing pollution, freeing urban spaces, improving security on the roads, encouraging switching to alternative ways of transportation, and giving access to mobility to all layers of the population.

The first contribution we might receive through GreenFunder would be invested in the optimization of our business strategy to ensure that with every day we move towards solving the issues mentioned above.

The next input would allow us to give out free hours of electric car usage through the Volvero service to young people in need, especially those who were not able to visit the family and close ones due to the pandemic situation.

The third initiative would be directed into the growth of the Volvero user base to start scaling up the service and enhancing mobility in more and more cities while fostering partnerships with local institutions and universities to educate the young population, promote sustainable transportation alternatives and give them freedom of movement.

Finally the final step we will accomplish with the GreenFunder contribution, we will continue scaling up the service to make sure Volvero operates all around Italy, changing the mobility scenery in the whole region and in the nearby countries.

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