SEAT – Sustainable Energy And Agriculture Technology

Arizona, United States (US)

Our vision is to redefine the “Consumer Fresh” market providing pleasingly crisp vegetables through clean technologies at reduced costs while taking care of the environment!

Sustainable Energy And Agriculture Technology (SEAT) will:

– Grow high quality produce at a reduced operating cost by adopting Near Zero Carbon (NZC) Greenhouse (GH) technology

– Market produce directly to high-end consumers/restaurants/hotels by utilizing – a social network powered marketing platform

– License NZC Greenhouse technology worldwide to reduce carbon footprints globally

Why do we care?

In 2003, The United States only produced 9% of fresh greenhouse tomatoes consumed all over the country. Hence, the vast majority of such produce comes from abroad – specifically from Mexico and Canada. The transportation of greenhouse tomatoes from outside our country causes higher carbon footprints and food safety issues. Therefore, it will be vital for a cleaner environment to produce more greenhouse tomatoes in the US.

SEAT’s idea is to serve as a platform to distribute vegetables DIRECTLY to high end consumers / restaurants / hotels to reduce warehouse, transportation and marketing costs while reducing carbon footprint associated with tomatoes’ import processes.

Sustainable Greenhouse Challenges

Sustainable Greenhouse Solutions

What is Near-Zero Carbon (NZC) technology?

In a conventional greenhouse, non-renewable fuel is used to generate heat during winter. During summer, electric power, which is generated primarily from coal, is used to run evaporative coolers. In an NZC greenhouse, a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is used to generate more than sufficient electricity to power all equipment in the greenhouse during the day. NZC greenhouse technology uses an innovative design with a Phase Change Material (PCM) based Thermal Energy System (TES) to conserve thermal energy.


“Our primary goal is to build a greenhouse that will run without any fossil fuel”
– Ashoke Bose, Founder SEAT, LLC

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