Eden Ingredients – Transforming Food Waste into Sustainable Good

California, United States (US)

Transforming Juice Waste into Sustainable Products

Eden Ingredients was established in October 2019 to transform juicing bi-products into ingredients for human use. We are focused on products for the nutrition, nutraceutical supplement, beverage and beauty industries with a potential total U.S. market size exceeding $1B.

We have signed five-year supply agreements with three grape juice processors for 1,750 tons annually of Concord grape pomace and 100 tons of cherry pomace. Grape pomace consists of grape skins, grape seeds, and residual plant-based materials from the grape harvest and juice processing operations. Currently, farmers are forced to dump this waste back onto their lands. The pathogens contained in the waste cause farmers to use significantly more pesticides. Additionally, the liquid waste drains down into the water table, damaging nearby lakes and streams. We are building mobile processing plants to dry, clean and sort the pomace into the various grape pomace products.

Polyphenols, which give Concord grapes their vibrant color, are plant nutrients that naturally function as antioxidants and promote overall health. Grapes stand out as containing the 2nd highest level of polyphenols and antioxidants amongst all common berries, even exceeding blueberries. While there is recognition of the inherent nutritional value of red wine, many people are not aware of the superior nutritional qualities of the grape skins and seeds from Concord and Niagara grapes that are produced in abundant supply from grape juice production.

Grape pomace has high concentrations of nutrients associated with cardiovascular health, skin health, weight loss, anti-cancer, and anti-aging benefits. The FDA has issued guidance that individuals should consume 360 – 450 mg of grape pomace derived nutrients daily. This would require the purchase of over 400,000 tons of grape pomace annually.

Eden brings an experienced team of executives with experience in agricultural operations, green tech, and business development, with a combined 7 exits.

What would you do with proceeds from the GreenFunder community?

We are working to raise the financing to set up the remote drying operations to handle up to 5,000 tons of material per year that we currently have contracted and cover shipping/transport costs prior to delivery to customer. Specifically, we’ll be using proceeds for the following:

– Equipment purchases and labor to set up the mobile drying system
– Shipping costs to cover shipping dried feedstock materials to contract manufacturers
– Some relatively small sales and marketing costs to complete the financial transactions with buyers

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