Ecotropics – Applied Ecology for Tropical Resources

Florida, United States (US)

Who is Ecotropics and what do we do?

Ecotropics aims to develop climate resilient programs and sustainable solutions for farming communities throughout pantropical regions.

Ecotropics has accomplished something in its 12 year history that even well established organizations have yet to realize. We view our work in Antioquia Colombia South America as not only ground-breaking, but offering a potential model for other organizations and countries to replicate and adapt – benefiting all sectors involved in carbon sequestration efforts through forest management within the contextual reality of improving the social and economic stability of rural peoples. As is well documented these “beneficiaries” are often times pursued at the outset of a project and then forgotten once the funding flows to those responsible for implementation; albeit with exceedingly high administration costs, etc. This is not the Ecotropics model. We view our role as a commitment for the long-term.

In this regard we see at least two specific opportunities for GreenFunder investors to directly assist Ecotropics.

– First, the challenge to publicize the breadth of what the Antioquia project has and continues to accomplish is a formidable, complex and costly undertaking. GreenFunder organizational and access tools including those of its active private partnerships will be vital to improving the cost-effectiveness of replicating our work in Colombia and Latin America, if not in other developing and transition-economy regions around the world.
– Secondly, working with and convincing governments along with potential private sector partners of the tangible benefits of investing in such ambitious projects as well as scaling-up based on incremental successes will also necessitate access to the governing structures and board-rooms of powerful groups. GreenFunder offers a mechanism for gaining market credibility and help us secure the access we’ll need.

What are we planning to do with proceeds from the GreenFunder community?

The overarching goal is to improve the livelihood of 2,500 family coffee farmers and diversify their income through carbon credits negotiation from a REDD+ project developed in their forests. REDD+ refers to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation plus conservation, sustainable forest management and community development. The goal will be attained through the following sub-goals:

1. Provide a local market mechanism to increase farmers income by purchasing their products at a fair price, close to their farms and with prompt payment. Family farmers will double their income because they will obtain better prices, reduce transport costs and reduce their debt dependence to maintain production.
2. Develop a local coffee roaster to export a high-quality product. Exporting the value-added coffee will increase the revenues, allowing an unroasted coffee purchase price better to farmers.
3. Develop a REDD+ project in 138,346 ha of farmers owned forests. It will put Verified Carbon Units in the market, providing a carbon-offsetting alternative and an additional revenues opportunity for farmers.
4. Operate the REDD+ project maximizing benefits for people and environment. The resources from carbon credits negotiation will be available for community projects.
5. Educate farmers families about sustainable and climate-resilient food production coexistent with REDD+. The knowledge will help farmers to increase their productivity and their farms resilience to climate change impacts.
6. Provide local non-farming employment opportunities to community. Coffee and REDD+ projects will increase local employment opportunities preventing migration to cities for economic reasons.

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