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Who is ecosavers club and what do we do?

ecosavers club is a personal shopping platform that delivers energy-saving solutions for households and companies. Thanks to expanded data analysis, we are able to prepare Eco Boxes tailored to the needs of our clients. We started looking for answers to the global problem of increasing energy costs. Not everyone is aware that electricity prices will increase significantly in the next few years. We want to give people an effective solution and create a conscious community that does not waste energy. We are committed to saving electricity and money. We know how precious time is today. You no longer have to browse through hundreds of products available in stores. All you have to do is complete our online survey and order your own Eco Box. Now everyone can reduce their carbon footprint thanks to energy-saving solutions.

What would you do with proceeds from the GreenFunder community?

The main goal for funding is to improve our system with more features and payment options, as well as expand to multiple markets (in Europe initially) so we can help more people save energy and live more sustainably.

What are examples of products in the Eco Box?

Ecosavers Club Products

ecosavers Lampbase Timer is a device that helps you save energy and money in a simple way. Set the desired working time before turning off the Timer [5 – 60 minutes], then place it between the thread and the bulb and you’re done. Whenever anyone forgets to turn off the lights – Lampbase Timer will do it automatically after the set number of minutes!

ecosavers PIR Sensor Lamp Base is a smart device which can be plugged into any E27 size lampbase and is installed between the lampbase and the light source (lamp). The PIR sensor detects human body movement and automatically turns on the light; the light will turn off after the set time.

ecosavers 24 Digital Time Switch is an advanced timer with large display. This product can help you save energy by setting a timeframe where the connected device will only get power and function for a set time. Use this device for example in combination with your lighting, wifi router (switch off at night), computer etc.

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