AnCatt Sustainable Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Delaware, United States (US)

Corrosion has long been seen as an unstoppable natural force – silent but powerful. Corrosion had always been able to break down the protective barriers engineered by mankind. The persistent battle between human civilization and corrosion intensified in the modern era. The insidious and pervasive effects of corrosion have now reached the point where it is a major cost to our economy and quality of life, impacts climate, and it limits technological advancement.

Since 1981, inherently conductive polymers have been regarded as an exciting environmentally friendly alternative to chromates. After 40-years of worldwide intense research, there is still no such product on the market due to technical difficulties. AnCatt technology is the first such success and also the first heavy metal-free (green) heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating ever. Surprisingly, it is also the first SUPER-DUTY anti-corrosion coating, which opens a new era.

The Corrosion Challenge

Direct corrosion accounts for 3-5% of a country’s GDP worldwide, or trillions of dollars annually. Corrosion affects nearly every U.S. industry. Current technologies use heavy metals to provide heavy-duty corrosion protection with hexavalent chromate being the most effective but also highly toxic and carcinogenic; regulations are tightening. Zinc is the market standard environmentally compliant chromate alternative. However, zinc is not as effective in severely corrosive environments and cannot protect aluminum—a major aerospace material. At the current level of usage, the known zinc reserves face depletion after 2027 and over 50% of zinc consumption is used for corrosion protection. Furthermore, even the best anti-corrosion coating won’t last in severely corrosive environments such as marine, which requires costly scratch-off and repainting of the metal substrate every 5-years or less, plus annual touch-ups.

AnCatt iBarrier® Nanotech Coatings Are:

– Longer-Lasting: World-Record 13,740 hours of salt fog testing (ASTM B 117) and still no rusting or blistering. Which is 6X the longevity of the best zinc-rich coating, which could only reach around 2,000 hours. The biggest improvement in anti-corrosion performance ever, which stands out from competing technologies.

– Adhesively Excellent: Perfect Tape Adhesion of 5A, and average pull-off adhesion of 560 psi after 8,000 hours of salt fog exposure

– Environmentally-Friendly: No chromate, lead, or zinc

– Self-Sealing: Scratch and pinhole resistance

– Surface Tolerant: No special surface preparation required

– Cost Effective: Does not contain fluoropolymers & thinner

– Easy to Manufacture and Apply: Uses traditional equipment

– Protective for All Kinds of Metals: e.g. aluminum, steel, copper, etc.

– Available for Wide Ranging Applications: Marine, off-shore structures, aerospace, automotive, tanks, refineries, chemical/petroleum processing, pipelines, bridges, waste/water treatment, structural steel, etc.

About the Company and the Team

AnCatt was co-founded by Jay Wang and Sue Wang after 16-years of research interest in conductive polymer anti-corrosion coating technologies. AnCatt’s next generation, environmentally friendly, super-strength, smart anti-corrosion coating platform has received numerous awards from leading organizations, including the American Chemical Society (ACS), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the RICE Alliance, and NASA. Mr. Wang graduated 1st place for both graduate and under graduate studies in chemistry from Peking University. He has over five decades of experience and two national award-winning technologies that are still in production today.

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