Ameri Energy Group – Convert Raw Sunlight into Cool Illumination

Connecticut, United States (US)

Who is Ameri Energy Group and what do we do?

People all have their own reasons why they want to improve energy efficiency. For one, reducing energy use means lower energy bills, as long as the savings offset any additional costs of installing a more efficient technology. Reducing the need for energy is also a key solution to world’s growing emissions challenge. In fact, the International Energy Agency has found that improving efficiency and therefore reducing energy use in buildings, industrial processes and transportation could reduce the world’s energy needs in 2050 by a whopping one third!
Ameri Energy Group uses unique green technologies that mostly use daylight to replace electric light with the primary goal of saving energy. When you compare our solution to other options that just offer lower electricity consumption, we tend to achieve a 40-60% reduction in electricity usage over the course of an average day. Our sustainable eco-friendly lighting system saves up to 100% of electricity during daylight hours. Imagine the effect on global emissions of greenhouse gases if most buildings switched to using daylight rather than electric light. The impact would be enormous.

Ameri Energy Group Value Proposition

Ameri Energy Group’s energy-saving daylight harvesting systems are the product of choice for commercial buildings and consumers that are trying to cut their expenses by using eco-friendly green energy solutions.

The technologically advanced system dramatically improves lighting in commercial and residential buildings and keeps energy consumption at the lowest level possible. By reducing electricity consumption, the system provides the opportunity to lower CO2 emissions and energy waste. As a result, customers saves money on electricity and maintenance and can take advantage of numerous rebates and tax benefits. Average payback time ranges from one to three years from the day the units are installed, depending on the electricity cost in the customer’s area and building.

Ameri Energy’s Green technology captures up to 85-95% of daylight and evenly disperses it to the interior, without weakening the building’s structure.

Ameri Energy’s SunShine products can illuminate an area up to 1800 square feet and provide an insulation value of R26. Formal studies conclude Daylighting Systems create a positive effect on worker productivity, increase retail sales and generate higher test scores from students. Ameri Energy’s SunShine Daylighting System is patented, trademarked, UL and CE certified.



Ameri Energy Group is an international company with its main office in the USA and representative office located around the world. The company is engaged in introducing and exclusively selling, marketing and distributing its energy-saving SunShine Daylighting System. Over the years, the company has formed strong relationships with local governments and private businesses with a proven product that performs well in all-weather zones and within all commercial sectors.

Company staffing represents a blend of expertise not only in technical, marketing, and administrative areas, but also in the practical and cultural aspects of the rapidly growing and diverse markets that Ameri Energy Group serves.

What are we planning to do with proceeds from the GreenFunder community?

33%: Marketing. You are supporting a small business and your contributions will directly help to get the word out about our energy saving, health promoting solution. We frequently attend trade shows and will be able to attend more of them with your support, helping to save energy for more businesses around the globe.

32%: Production & Inventory. Successful completion of the GreenFunder campaign will allow us to acquire a new thermoforming machine to increase production.

18%: Team. One of the single biggest expenses is our dedicated team and about 20% of funds raised will be dedicated to worker wages.

17%: Operations. Patents, accounting, legal fees, insurance, annual certifications and much more.

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