The GreenFunder Mission
The world as we know it is at a turning point. We have so many people that we cannot sustain the existing way of life of even the current rich world. We have arrived in what’s known as the anthropocene. This means we now find ourselves in a reality in which we as humans can determine the fate of the planet, with all its beautiful flora and fauna, rather than it dictating our fate. As a larger share of the world population gets lifted out of poverty and looks to obtain and maintain a similar quality of life to that of the current developed world, we have no choice but to fundamentally rethink the way we do things.
We have no choice but to fundamentally rethink the way we do things.
From how we source the food we eat to how we live and move around, to the energy sources that power it all, humanity will need to make sweeping changes to ensure our survival and indeed that of the planet as a viable habitat. This seems like an insurmountable task for any one of us to tackle individually. And it is. But together we can make a difference. We can make a difference through the products and services we buy or don’t buy, through our investments, through our political votes, and in fact through the stance we take in everyday conversations with friends, family, colleagues and anyone else we encounter.
The solution, as the word ‘unsustainable’ implies, lies in making changes to our economy and society at large that will increase the ability of our planet's resources to provide the energy we need to nourish us and to power our homes, vehicles and factories. How do we do this? And what sacrifices do I need to make as an individual?
How do we do this?And what sacrifices do I need to make as an individual?
Although sustainability has often been associated with limitations, in actuality it is the embodiment of relative abundance for all. While the way we currently do things will need to change in many areas of our lives and we will want to be more thoughtful about how we use resources, if enough of us are just a bit better informed and act accordingly we can become stewards of a wondrous planet that will continue to thrive and provide a place to live a quality life for generations to come.
The solution to achieve this state of relative abundance centers around the notion that we use renewable resources on one end as inputs to our economy and society, and reuse the outputs on the other. Rather than depleting finite resources and creating an ever growing mountain of trash, we want to think circularly about anything we do, much like we think about money today. Every dollar, euro, pound, or yen you earn and subsequently spend forms the income for the person you’ve paid it to. Suffice to say that person most of the time won’t rip up or burn your money. That money continues to be used indefinitely, over and over again to buy further products and services. In this way, we are already quite accustomed to circular thinking. Circular thinking recognizes that economic progress does not have to come at the expense of the environment, but rather that we can strengthen the economy and the environment in a symbiotic relationship, as long as the development is managed properly and with the right incentive structure in place. 
Every dollar, euro, pound, or yen you earn and subsequently spend becomes the income of the person you've paid it to.
As the richest nation on Earth, the United States has the opportunity and perhaps even the duty to lead the developed world on its quest to a greener, sustainable future. Many initiatives have already been started around the country to move us in the right direction. Sustainability initiatives come in all shapes and sizes. From political efforts, such as President Barack Obama’s signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015 and the Replubican-led 2017 Baker-Shultz plan to introduce carbon dividends, to more tangible initiatives like farmers leasing out parts of their land for wind turbine construction and operation, there is likely a sustainability project happening quite close to you. Regardless of where you are. This is not some faraway problem with faraway solutions.

So Why Are
We Here?

So why are we here? GreenFunder exists to identify and support the success of organizations that help to sustain and safeguard quality of life on earth. Our crowdfunding platform allows you as a consumer to actively take part in the transition to a sustainable future.We also aim to help you understand the effects of economic and societal activity combined with a growing population on our natural environment and the planet’s ability to sustain life. We are champions for a new economic thinking that incorporates sustainability as a core value for any investment decision.We believe the best way to gain broad momentum and achieve change is not only to make direct contributions to organizations that will move us in the right direction, but to also help educate consumers on a large scale. Consumers like you are ultimately the ones who will be able to bring about change on a national and global scale though their purchasing decisions and democratic rights.
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Changing the World for GoodOur mission is to make it possible for you to contribute directly to organizations in the sustainability space and grow the positive impact these organizations have. Although it will not be easy to get to a more sustainable future, humanity has gone through massive shifts before and we can do it again. GreenFunder aims to bring together knowledge and resources to strengthen the movement from the bottom up. Top down political change will be necessary too, but we believe that we need a larger base of support among the people first and foremost to change the world for good.
Areas of SustainabilitySustainability is a broad and often complex topic. This is why we feature a range of subtopics in the SustainabilitySchool resource library as well as a variety of listed organizations. Some organizations focus on reducing the need for resources, while others try to reuse or reduce waste. Yet others protect our natural environment. By operating as a crowdfunding community, we provide you with the opportunity to support these organizations and actively take part in the transition to a sustainable future, with a single subscription payment.
Looking Beyond the End-UserTo successfully achieve a transition, we believe circularity has a key role to play: the notion that when one person is ‘done’ with a product, someone else can reuse or recycle it in some way. Reusing, recycling and retrofitting are often better solutions from a sustainability standpoint than new production or construction. You'll notice several of our listed organizations take this approach. We aim to generate awareness for the circular economy, thereby encouraging more sustainable behavior by everyone.

We have only one planet. Let's take care of it.

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