How to get rewarded with GreenFunder

Discover ways to win gift cards from some of your favorite brands while supporting changemakers around the world. Read on to learn how.

What is GreenFunder?

GreenFunder is a sustainability focused crowdfunding community that enables people to come together and use their combined buying power to move society into a more sustainable direction. Our member contributions directly support organizations that are making an effort to safeguard and sustain quality of life on earth for generations to come.

We Have the Power to Change

Together we have the power to create a sustainable society and change the world for good. While GreenFunder is primarily a way to 'let your money talk', so to speak, we also believe that change starts with awareness. That's why we've created SustainabilitySchool℠: a resource library that allows you to learn about the challenges humanity is facing and how we might begin to solve them.

Let's Get Rewarded

The longer term benefits of creating a more sustainable society are significant. But that doesn't mean there can't be a few short term rewards for supporting the cause! When you contribute to GreenFunder, you have the chance to win gift cards from some of your favorite brands every week. And the more you contribute, the better your chances of winning. Do good and save money at the same time!

The Process

Sign Up
When you sign up for one of our paid plans, your monthly contributions directly support organizations in the sustainability space. In fact, we distribute about 90% of all subscription fees we receive equally among listed organizations. Your contributions help them grow and allow them to maximize their positive impact on the world.
Get Rewarded and Start Learning
With a paid membership you get the chance to enter in our weekly gift card drawings. You also get access to the full library of SustainabilitySchool℠ articles and early access to new content. The more informed we all are, the better the decisions will be that we make in our lives, whether online, in the supermarket, or at the polling station.
See the Results
Exciting times! We ask participating organizations to submit updates so we can neatly summarize progress for you over time. While you'll receive your monthly sustainability updates through email for now, we plan to start producing short films in 2021 to truly make progress come to life. Future premium video content will be included in paid memberships.

Get Started

Discover the rewarding way to make change.