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Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting new organizations. We expect to open a new round for organizations looking to be listed in Q2 2021. Meanwhile, we encourage you to submit your application so we can discuss a possible Q2 2021 listing with you.

Leverage the Power of the Crowd

GreenFunder is a sustainability focused crowdfunding community. Raise funds from consumers concerned about sustainability and let the crowd take part in the movement by enabling your success.

Grow Your SMB or Nonprofit

Expanding your Small or Medium Sized Business (SMB)? Fundraising for your sustainability nonprofit? We're here to help you maximize your impact and affect positive change.

How It Works

The process is easy. Submit your story and a few details about your organization.
We review all submissions and will let you know if your organization is a fit for GreenFunder.

Create your organization profile
Tell us and the community more about you and your organization. How will your initiative bring humanity closer to a sustainable future and why should we believe in you? Include noteworthy milestones in your history so far. Be specific about what you will use the funds for. Our community likes to know what they are contributing to. Do you need money for a new marketing campaign? Do you need to grow your team or need additional equipment? Or are you expanding your fundraising efforts?
We'll review your submission
It typically only takes a few business days. We like to make sure your organization's mission aligns with ours. We'll also work with you to optimize your listing based on our experience.
Go Live
Exciting times! Once we've ironed out all the details your listing will go live. We'll make an announcement for the community to start taking a look. You're now ready to receive funds. Welcome to GreenFunder!
Get GreenFunded
Typical crowdfunding campaigns tend to take a few months to achieve momentum and you have to put in the resources to promote it. GreenFunder uses a unique subscription donation model to make the process effortless. This means that participating organizations receive monthly recurring contributions depending on the size of our community. As we grow, so does your funding stream.
Be part of a new sustainability documentary series*
One of the things that make GreenFunder unique in the crowdfunding space is our focus on premium content. We periodically feature select organizations in short documentaries to put your organization in the spotlight and help accelerate your sustainability impact even faster.
* Tentative launch date for documentary production is Q1 2021.